Fanuc M1iA mastering

  • Hello,

    Recently we had a power cut off, with the encoder backup batteries empty, and now the robot needs mastering. The robot has been jogged a lot since then. We tried the "zero position mastering" with the yellow marks on the motors alined after this the movement was not good, the Z axis wasnt vertical and YX werent horizontal also the workspace looked shifted causing limit errors in positions where robot was normally operating. Next, i tried to perform the zero position mastering with the motors alignet symmetrically so they have the same room to move in both directions ( in this setup witness marks alined on 2 of 3 motors, 4th motor is independent and it is responsible for gripper rotation (M1iA model)). In this case Robot movement was close to normal, i created user frame using 3 point method. Now jogging in this frame looks perfectly normal as long as it is in the central area of workspace. When i jog in the -Z direction on the outer side of workspace (near to the limits) the movement will be curved, is it normal? Do i have to search for the factory 0 or can i somehow utilize the current setup and just nivelate any errors by changing frames, limits, or even reteach position. Another strange thing is for example: i have the axis limits set to -70 and 70, and i get limit errors when the axis is at -50.

    Thanks for any help in advance

  • M-Series Robots (delta) do not master the same as a regular manipulator arm.

    They (FANUC) use what is called "Axis phasing"..... then you have to run the Robot in AUTO and it checks it self for the new values.....

    The way you are doing it is wrong, hence the curve movement when moved in WORLD/USER..... instead of linear

    You need this manual

    MARMI6B6C03031E REV. D
    Page 72

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