Bin Number ( group outputs ) how can see see it in the backup ?

  • Hello all

    How can we see the Bin Numbers in the robot program backup . Where it is defined? I checked in the config data it is not there . we used to define through the teach pendant.
    I actually want to see in the back up program in the PC. thanks

    for example :
    bin1 ( ein) = 12


    ??? ??? ???

  • ??? :hmmm:
    Sure You are in the correct forum? Don't know this Syntax on KUKA robots.
    Group outputs are defined as:

    DECL signal groupname $out[1] to $out[8]

    You can find the definition but can't find the actual value of a group output in the backup.

  • you define them when you need them.they are not defined by standard. otherwise they are declared in krc/mada/steu/$custom.dat

    hermann This is VKRC syntax btw. used in VW.

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  • yes it is in custom dat
    DECL BIN_TYPE $BIN_OUT[64] ;Binary Output configuration

    But it is the initial deceleration


    i actually wanted to know the assigned
    bin1 ( 8 bits ) assigned to E 120 to E127

    As currently i iam using Bin for couple of things - Spot index number , SCA Sealer program number & segment number.

    will check the config data as well....

  • Oh sorry Sprial

    may be iam not explaining it correct !

    This is what i got in my Program

    -- Bin14-Motor 1 ein --
    bin14 ( !A11 ) = 6
    -- Bin15 (Parameter 4) --
    bin15 ( !A11 ) = 65

    Ok Now i want to find out which 8 bits are mapped to bin14 and bin15 .What input is the starting address. I want to check this in the robot back up. I can see where it is in the Robot controller no problem.
    But once we assign it from the teach pendent , where it is saved in the backup? Similar to configuring automatic external signals.
    i will place this post also in VW forum this not a common syntax in KRC.

    Thanks Paul

  • dont understand.they are saved in $custom.dat.once you make assignment through the binary output menu, you change the $custom.dat.the system store the settings there.
    if you dont see them there then they are not configurated.

  • Hi spiral

    You are 100% right ...It is in the custom.dat file . i was looking wrongly at the inputs, ofcourse it is output to field devices . got it now.
    You are a star sorted .....i can now continue.
    it will be like this

    DECL BIN_TYPE $BIN_OUT[20] ;Binary Output configuration
    $BIN_OUT[1]={F_BIT 577,LEN 16,PARITY #NONE}
    $BIN_OUT[2]={F_BIT 625,LEN 16,PARITY #NONE}
    $BIN_OUT[3]={F_BIT 841,LEN 4,PARITY #NONE}
    $BIN_OUT[4]={F_BIT 857,LEN 4,PARITY #NONE}
    $BIN_OUT[5]={F_BIT 905,LEN 4,PARITY #NONE}
    $BIN_OUT[6]={F_BIT 449,LEN 16,PARITY #NONE}

    :yesyesyes: :bravo:

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