New to connecting with robots...

  • Hey guys!
    How to determine which port is need to be set up in KR-Term?
    I'm a little confused, clicked in the crosscable.. network settings in controller are:
    Host: (empty)
    The rest is empty as well, so when setting up the TCP/IP connection in KR-Term I need to set the IP above? Or the IP that ipconfig command gives me??!
    And then ... the tricky one is finding the port number.. tried every port that showed up in windos commandprompt with netstat -a...
    Someone please give me a quick push in the right direction so I will understand this just a bit better! Thanks a lot!

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  • I have worked with E controller.

    There are two ethernet port on the 1TA board in which you can plug your network cable inside the controller. So depends on where you plugged your cable in.

    Either Port 1 or Port 2

    Assuming your network cable is plugged into port 1, set up port 1 under Aux function menu 0812

    Then set your PC to the same IP range

    In KRTerm goto Com Menu - > Options -> add the TCP/IP info you entered into the robot.
    Port No. can stay on default 23


  • I see that not just I have the same problem...

    I have crossed cable, settings should be like below. Where am I doing mistake?

    DNS empty
    Domen name empty
    MAC adres: xxxxxxx
    Network adress

    Then on PC:

    IP adress :
    Port no: 1 or can be 23
    Name timesys-

  • I don't have any antivir right now on PC... so it should work right ? :yesyesyes:

    The name is important in KRterm?

    In KRterm do you connect using gate ip? (in my case

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  • See Attached.
    - For KRTerm.
    - KCWinTcp has similar setup window.
    - Remember 'crossover cable required' for peer to peer connection, and controller/pc should have static ip address......not DHCP...........

    C Controller Default setting: Has 1 Port - No login required for C Controller - Automatically displays flashing cursor when connection button pressed.
    - Aux 189

    D/D+ Controller Default setting: Has 1 Port
    - Aux 0812

    Ex and E0x Controller Default setting: Has 2 Ports and also has function to check RS232/Ethernet Cables - See Monitor on Teach Pendant, DIAG Monitor, No. 6 Communication I/F Monitor
    Port 1 (nearest to USB on CPU board) or under 'push' flap on E0x Controller.

    Port 2 (under Port 1)
    - Aux 0812

  • oo thanks ! Thats sounds like a big help. I hope now there won't be any problem to connect. You are master ! :respect: :respect::merci:

    Could you tell me if I connect with controller using KRterm or KCwin:
    - can I upload on real controller using KRterm program (.pg) which I wrote in K-roset?
    - or KRterm is just terminal and it doesn't allow to upload written before program?

  • KRTerm contains connectivity by RS232 and Ethernet can be used for ONLINE functions only:
    - Creation and editing of programs.
    - ONLINE control of robot to execute motion instructions (Safety must be adhered to at all times).
    - Upload of prepared data (Must be in correct syntax/format or Controller may reject during transfer whilst uploading).
    - Prepared files can be modified by Notepad, or text editor (But does not check syntax/format, so recommend use KROSET to check syntax/format first by loading into KROSET and see if errors occur).
    - KROSET can create many different ways of save data, most users do not use KROSET as designed and cause many problems in robots by incorrect data upload.
    - Files from KROSET can be uploaded to Controller when you know what data is you are uploading (recommend reading AS Manual for LOAD and SAVE variations and test in KROSET first).

    KCWin32 (RS232 only) and KCWinTCP (Ethernet only) are standalone applications from KRTerm and can be used instead and have same purpose as KRTerm.

    If in doubt, always make full file save from controller prior to upload of any data......just in case.....................

  • I see that KRterm or KCwin can open just .log file.

    Using K-Roset I can save programs as *.pg or *.as(using terminal which I suppose is not recommended because of robot data)

    Do you think it is possible to upload *.pg using KRterm? If not how can I generate *.log? (is this extension just a Logs from terminal and it doesnt have program?)

    So many doubts around this... ??? :icon_frown:

  • ---------------- Please try and stay on Topic or Post New Thread ----------------

    'Open .log file' option allows you to save terminal window screen whilst you are using it.
    - so like data logging, but it saves the terminal window screen session to the PC so you can review session offline.
    - Good for history tracking and screenshots for forums if problems/errors displayed.

    Robot file save contain the follow sections:

    HEADER INFORMATION; Firmware revision.
    NETWORK INFORMATION; IP Address, name, gateway etc.
    ROBOTDATA; Zeroing (calibration of joints for mechanical zero alignment) and Servo Parameter for Specific Arm and other Critical Data
    SYSDATA; Dedicated signals, Fieldbus, Arm IO settings, Start up conditions.
    AUXDATA; Base, Tool, Motion limits, Clamp signals/conditions, Basic Settings.
    INTERFACE PANEL DATA; Settings for Interface Panel.
    PROGRAM; User programs (.pg)
    TRANS; User transformation locations (.lc)
    JOINTS; User precision points (.lc)
    REAL; User reals (.rv)
    STRING; User strings (.st)


    - Files from KROSET can be uploaded to Controller when you know what data is you are uploading (recommend reading AS Manual for LOAD and SAVE variations and test in KROSET first).

    - again, I repeat.....

  • I have added very some basic guides to the ONLINE editors to assist with connectivity.

    Kawasaki Online Terminal Editors

    Hope they clear up a few of the fundamental issues users appear to be having.............Let me know if they helpful/wrong etc................... :love24:

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