MOTN 017 Limit Error

  • HI GUys

    aving issue with LIMIT error, MOTN 017 G:1 A:8 HEX

    I search over Known FANUC alarm codes and try it to reateach position out of limits, but even restarting robot it still giving me the same code not matter the task. PLEESEEE Help prodiction line stopped on this moments :waffen100:

  • I found MOTN-017 G:1 A:8 HEX means that "specified position in group 1 falls outside the joint movable range". A:8 means you have problem with 4th axis.
    Can you move any axis? Maybe position you try to teach is somehow out of range.

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  • Look at the joint position of axis 4. Is it near it's limit ?

    If you move in a linear way, the robot will move while turning the motors as little as possible, so the robot will move axis 4 always less than 180 degrees.
    So when axis 4 is near it's upper limit, and the shortest way for the desired position for axis 4 is up, you will get this fault.

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