Does LRMate 200iB have brakes on all 6 axis?

  • We have purchased 4 used / rebuilt LRMate 200iB rj3ib robots. The problem is when they go into an alarm state for any reason the robots drop down on axis 4 & 5. Unfortunately this is a bad situation as we are loading and unloading shop floor CMM's with these. Does anyone know if these come with brakes standard on all 6 axis? If so how can I go about enabling these? We have 4 new LRMate 200iC robots with Rj30ib controls and we do not have this problem with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Not all of these units have 6 axis brakes. You won't be able to change this very easily if at all.
    You would NEED new motors for axis 1, 4, 5, and 6. A new internal harness and have Fanuc reburn your software for the 6 axis brakes.
    You MAY NEED new robot connection cables and a new servo amp.

  • As Racermike says, you need at least to change motors.
    For internal harness, not sure if cables already there and about software, the break enabling is in the robot configuration (probably no need for reburn).

    But in any case, changing motors is quite $$$ !

    If it starts well the first time, you haven't checked all !

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