• Hello;

    I am trying to use FSU on DX200 controller and my main target is being avoid the tool crash the robot body.
    At Fanuc you could do that with defining tool and create cube on robot controller, when I try to use on motoman it gives the alarm because of when I create tool it alread has robot body, like picture.

    Do you hae any idea to solve issue, how to avoid to crash long tool to robot body with out using axis limitation.

    Thansk so much in advance.

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  • Hi

    On the picture with the Motoman robot, Motoman is giving you an alarm because you are inside the cube. That's perfect. Work outside that cube and you will have no alarms

    I believe and I'm 99% sure, when you create a tool with DCS or FSU, this tool becomes "another axis" so there's nothing to stop it from crashing. Just like the bubbles around the robot arm, they are continuously intercepting each other, they dont crash because of the inherit limits. Tools dont work like that. The safety area around the tool will not stop it from crashing the robot itself

    Retired but still helping

  • Hi Fabian;

    Thanks for your answer,yes you are right I know the same think, but when I was using DCS I was creating a cube nearly on robot body and tool.
    At DCS you can create robot body and tool seperately. :wallbash:
    After, I set out side is safe, after that if tool attemp to enter in cube it was giving alarm and stop.
    But DCS you can select just tool without robot body bumbles.
    I want to check just robot tool not not robot body.
    I want to do same think on FSU.


  • Since FSU will not seem to allow the Tool Interfere file being examined separately from the robot body could you just setup a regular cube, then modify the CIO so that particular cube prohibit is always on? This way the TCP could not go into cube but robot body could. That should suffice if it is just for machine safety, no?

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