FTP Overwrite JBI files

  • Hi,

    I have a DX100 controller with Ethernet function enabled and Ethernet FTP enabled.
    I can ping the controller from the PC; I can connect from the PC to the controller via FTP, read JBI files and I can even create a new JBI file.
    I can configure a FTP Profile on the DX100 and connect to an external FTP server (located also in the PC) and save the DX100 data onto it. I can also Load new JBI files from the FTP server.

    SO, all the configuration work seems to be ok. BUT, I cannot Overwrite a JBI file: not by connecting to the DX100 via FTP and uploading a JBI file that already exists, nor by trying to LOAD an existing JBI file from the FTP server on the PC. I know about parameter RS059 and it value of "2", but that seems to only refer to "USB device" ... With RS059 set to "0" I cannot overwrite from the USB, with it set to "2" I can .. but neither "0" nor "2" in the RS059 parameter allows me to overwrite via FTP.
    The error I receive when trying to LOAD an existing JBI file from the FTP is "ERROR 2040: Defined JOB Name"

    The manual I am using is this: http://www.motoman.com/motomedia/manuals/docs/157178-1CD.pdf (It is on the motoman public server, so I think I am not breaking any rules) and it doesn't mention any special configuration in order to be able to LOAD from an external FTP server.

    Hope some of you guys have some information about this.


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  • Yup! That is the correct parameter.

    Thank you.

    Sorry for double posting, but my previous statement is not entirely true.

    The RS214 parameter is only half correct in the way that it does indeed allow overwriting when connecting with a FTP client TO the DX100.
    It does not however allow overwriting files when connecting FROM the DX100 to an external FTP server (in the same way that RS059 0>2 does allow overwriting from external USB device)

    I am still happy with the result, but if someone knows the other half of the answer, maybe someone else needing it will find it here...

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