Coordinate Systems

  • Good evening,

    The world coordinate system is a Cartesian coordinate system that is the source of all Cartesian movements.
    When I move the robot the translations are on the UF0 and rotations for the TCP, right? You can get the rotations in relation to the world?

    For example:

    PR [99,1]= 4000
    PR [99,2]= 3000
    PR [99,3]= -1000
    PR [99,4]= 0
    PR [99,5]= 0
    PR [99,6]= 0


    L P[1] 100mm/sec FINE

    If you add 5 degrees of rotation x (w) why the rotation is in relation to the TCP and not to UF ?

    Best regards
    Diogo Pinho

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  • The position is a program is the TCP position in the World of the robot.
    So, the W,P,R is the plan orientation of the TCP regarding Robot World.

    You add 5 degrees into position in P[1] or into PR[99] ?
    If you want to rotate aroud Uframe data, just change Uframe R (PR[99], and then re-update Uframe[9]).

    By moving again to P[1], Robot should moves.

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

  • Yes, just execute UFRAME[9] = PR[99] after PR[99] value change and do not forgot do add UFRAME_NUM = 9 to enable Uframe[9].

    also, you must have teached P[1] with Uframe[9] enable

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

  • It's because you Uframe X,Y,Z value hasn't changed, so the tcp of the robot stay at the same place !
    But you have rotated the Uframe by 5 degrees, then robot point rotate for 5 degrees.

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

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  • World is the reference (base) frame for USER and JOG Frames, both user-definable

    World frame is fixed

    If you re-define a USER frame associated with your program positions, the effect is extend:
    if you rotate the user frame, although the positional data values are the same, the data will point to another position in space because the frame changed

    I think what you need is an offset PR[] or a tool_offset, PR[] applied to the programmed position

  • When you teach a position with an offset, it will ask you if you want to subtract the offset data from the position. Usually you will want to say yes to this. If you say no, then it will add that offset on top of your taught position, which you may not be able to visualize where the robot will end up. If your offset is large enough it could be outside what is physically possible.

    If the position is unreachable then you are commanding the robot to go somewhere that is physically impossible. Re-teach the position and subtract the offset data. Then the robot will go exactly where you taught it. You will also want to look at your offset an make sure it is reasonable.

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