Steps in Taking Backup in Panasonic G3 controller

  • Just a word of advice -- you owe it to yourself to actually use this camera -- and then draw your conclusions. This camera is phenomenal. Even as a stills only camera, this is one of the best handling and performing cameras I've experienced. Excellent controls and a well thought out touchscreen that adapt to you, not the other way around. The one thing that amazed me most it that there was almost no 'breaking in' period -- the G7 is almost immediately intuitive. An extension of not only the hand, but of the eye and mind. I enjoy shooting with the mirrorless cameras I have from Sony and Olympus -- but this is truly an incredible camera -- literally state of the art. Dot net Training in Chennai

    This camera is as elegant and exceptional as a Steinway Piano (even if you're not a pianist, play a note on a Steinway and you'll see what I mean...). Well done Panasonic. Cloud Computing Training in Chennai :flower:

    Salesforce Training in Chennai | Linux Training in chennai :bravo:

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