Need KeyDisk IRB2400L with ArcWare and external axis (positioner)

  • Hello. We have welding robot IRB 2400L M98 S4C controller BaseWare 3.2 with positioner IRBP 250R.
    In our KeyDisk (he from other IRB2400L without positioner) not includet external axis and our turntable dont work. When I add in system settings - manipulator-units-new unit of positioner, i have an error "settings of manipulator" and robot dont work, when I delete this settings - robot works well but turntable dont work. Settings of positioner I import from becup of this robot.

    I think I need to enable support for external axes during installation BaseWare 3.2 but I can not do this because in the Options of KeyDisk that we have has no External axes.
    If I am wrong, please help me, what am I doing wrong?
    Anybody have KeyDisk for IRB2400L with ArcWare and external axis (positioner)?
    Thanks. Wating for your help.

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  • Hi, Raylian, how did you solve your problem with your robot? I have an irb 2400L with an external axis, however I do not have boot and key disks. Now I am trying to reanimate this robot. Any help will be appreciated...

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