KRC2 increase IO size

  • Hello. Is it possibble to increase IO size on KRC2 from 1024 IO's to 2048 IO's over PROFIBUS, because in MONITOR there is only 1024 signals visible.

    It's in STEU\MADA\$option.dat file, parameter INT $set_io_size=4 (1=1024, 2=2048, 4=4096) in case somebody else needs this.

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  • First, you would have to expand the robot's internal I/O table by using the $OPTION.DAT file.

    Then, you would have to alter the ProfiBus mapping. You don't mention what KSS version you are using, or whether the ProfiBus channel you wish to expand is Master or Slave.

    I do not recall the maximum size of the Profibus channel -- you'll have to read the manual. But assuming that 2048 bits is possible, you would need to change the allocation in the PFBMS file, and alter the mapping in IOSYS.INI to allocate the new signals. If this is the Slave channel, you will also need to alter the bit range allocated to the robot on the Master device, whatever that is.

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