Tool and uframe calibrations in comau?

  • Hi,
    Till now I am using kuka, Now I have to work with Comau robot. Since am new to comau, I have some questions about it.

    1. how to calibrate the tool for TCP in comau?
    2. how to do the Base(Uframe) calibration in comau?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Search C5G manuals (motion control manual). Or ask forum-members, maybe someone already have it. Part 18, page 211.

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  • For tool you Have the 4 Point method and for frame the 3 one. Them are explain on manual But for tool is better that you write Angles and mm in data tool (for having more precision)

  • Hi,

    I have a robot arm mount in a specific position. In the tool calibration wizard, in the orientation phase, is difficult for me to align the tool with one of the main base axis of the robot.
    Is possible to use a different base in the wizard, i.e., define a new base in the base table and use that base to run the wizard?


  • If you have the c5g you can found the application "utool" and "uframe",in these application there are all the steps that you have to follow.
    For the tool you have to teach 4 point in different configuration of wrist(if you teach a good point the application starts with only 3 point),later you must move the tool in X,Y,Z for finish the configuration.
    For the frame,you have to follow the same procedure but the robot will ask you the origin point of the X,Y,Z. If you want to check the frame you can change the movement on TP in frame and you follow the traiectory.

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