Calculate w, p and r

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  • a little brief please!!!!


    ya[W] [P]itch [R]otation

    Starting with rotation, since it,s the easiest to understand. That is which way the tool is rotated. Pretend it's a clock.

    Yaw and Pitch are just two different tilts. Looks up pitch and yaw on an airplane and I'm sure you'll find some explanations.

    As far as calculating goes, I normally don't mess with Yaw and Pitch besides when I first teach the point. I have never automated any math with them.

  • You would have to look at your tool and know which direction the x,y,z is in your user frame is and what tool frame you are using that the point is taught in. then you would look at your tool and be able to guestimate based off from how the tool is rotated around W,P,R. Which W is the rotation around X. P is the rotation around Y. R is the rotation around Z.

    Now if it is a PR I believe it would be the same thing but around the World Frame instead of the user frame.

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