New gripper programming help R-30iB

  • Hi all,
    I Am working on a robot cell that was set up by an integrator with four gripper tools on a stand, now I Am adding a fifth gripper
    on a new stand at a different area on the cell, every thing is almost ready the only thing is that I can not unlock the tool, there is an Digital Input tool lock safety
    DI[1001] U OFF [Tool Lock Safety] and it is on only when the robot is close to the current stand and at the new stand it remains off locking the tool.
    How can I add the area close to the stand so it can turn off the safety so it will let me unlock the tool?

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  • You need to determine what is turning on DI[1001]. BG logic, sensor, PLC, reference position, space check function? Investigate these in the manual. There are many ways to turn on that DI when the robot is in position.What is the DI configured to?

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  • What HawkME said.

    I would talk to the integrator and ask how he set up the "tool lock" input. If the cell has a PLC master, my first guess would be it is in the PLC ladder logic. Only way to know is to find out how the system was designed.

    That or find a way to program around it, like shawnt72 suggested. :top:

  • I believe I found the setting for it, is a Cartesian position check the settings are in the DCS menu, I might have to ask the integrator for help.

    Thank you

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