no video signal

  • Trying to solve my error in KRC2 I repplaced MFC-DSE card in the next ISA slot which was free.
    After that I have no more video on KCP, video card in PC not flashing leds, and fun in the PC doesn't run .
    Have I burned something in power supply ?

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  • first , check the model of your motherboard , and locate the pins that trigger the power on , when you detect this, enter at bios and load "default kuka" settings

    in a normal pc you need to turn on with a switch , but in kuka cabinet when you switch general energy the pc turns on.
    "default bios kuka " has the configuration when the power on the general energy the pc turns on (in a desktop pc like when you connect the energy cable the pc turns on ) but its not practical in a desktop pc just in cabinet kuka

    and when the pc kuka was running replace the battery bios

  • How I can get in BIOS if I have no video image on teachpendant.
    I know to get in BIOS, I used to with a keypad but I had image on teachpendant. Now I have no more.
    Also video card has no led lighten.

    Now the MFC /DSE card is back in its slot . But probably something happened when I swapped.

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  • I try to understand what happened when I moved MFC/DSE card in next free ISA slot.
    Is that possible something to be burned ( on power supply, on motherboard )or just a configuration changing has done?
    And simply removed back not enough to reconfigure.

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  • I solved the problem.
    PC was started with short jumper( using a screwdriver) on PWRBT pins on motherboard, below ISA slots, but for those who need is better to check first the manual of Soyo SY-7VBA motherboard where is well and precisely indicated place of PWRBT pins. Manual of motherboard of KRC2 is attached, check page 32.
    After PC starts, using a keyboard , press DEL and getting in BIOS, set LOAD KUKA DEFAULT, save and exit.
    At the next KRC2 switch on, Windows XP will start normally and each time on next switching on.
    I will have to get in BIOS again to enable USB.
    Just all.

    Thank you everyone for help.

  • Panic Mode...

    do you mean add another video card (in the agp slot of the motherboard) in addition to the kvga card or remove kvga and add a different regular one (again the agp slot)?

    Basically I'm trying to boot a controller without a kcp2 (on a (v)krc2 with Soyo SY-7VBA 133 motherboard).


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  • Before I go getting any the robot won't work etc...I understand. I'm trying to boot the controller to start an update before everything else (like a replacement KCP2) is in place. Thanks.

    I ordered a AGP vga card and will try a startup from that.

  • No luck on the video card. I'm able to pull up the harddrive through a usb adapter on an office pc. Can I make any changes there to allow the vga to be active when booting the controller or is this just going to be a dead topic?

  • Well... I've never tried booting a KRC2 without the KVGA card, or with a non-KUKA VGA card in its place. I'm fairly certain having both video cards inserted at the same time would create a hardware fault, but replacing the KVGA card with a similar "normal" VGA card (needs to fit in the same slot, I would think, for the same IRQ and interrupt matching) might work -- given how cheap VGA cards can be, it's probably a cost-effective experiment, if nothing else.

    A KRC2 shouldn't need any software changes to enable the secondary VGA port on the KVGA card. Well, maybe some of the very early KRC2s, the ones that shipped with W95 rather than WXP, I'm not sure about those. But all the KRC2s I'm personally familiar with never needed it (unlike the KRC1s and KRC1As). The main issue on KRC2s was generally the BIOS settings if/when someone replaced the motherboard coin-cell battery for the CMOS, which has already been mentioned in this thread.

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