WIN 10 and Online Terminal Editors

  • Hi Kwakisaki,

    just testing your tools (thanks for that):
    - kcwin32: Starts, Help needs installation of winhlp32.exe
    - kcwintcp: same as above
    - krterm: asks for admin-rights, installation ok, help ok.

    did not test any further, e.g. comms with controller etc, only software startup.

    best regards

  • Hi cguenther

    Thanks for the feedback, sounds about right that, those help files/app contents link have never worked in the standalone apps. ( I don't know why I left them in..... ??? )

    KCWin32 and KCWinTCP are 'cut down' versions to allow standalone/transportable online editors without installing.
    You just need the exe in order for the app to operate (the ini is created when you use it).

    With KRTerm, the help feature does work (as you mentioned).
    - But needs administrator rights due to the installation requirement.

    I'll get round to adjusting those and including a simple connecting guide when I get the chance.

    Many thanks.

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