KUKA.HMI Zenon Information needed

  • Hello. I'm in the proccess of ordering the KUKA.HMI Zenon but there are several variants of the packages.
    I would like to build user specific interfaces on SmartPAD like in the attached picture.

    So i'm sure i have to order the KUKA.HMI Zenon7.11 512/1024 (RM) DEV 3.0 and KUKA.HMI Zenon6.51 512/1024 RT 2.1.

    DEV variant is editor on PC in which i make the user interfaces?

    RT variant is software that needs to be installed on KRC4 to be able to execute userinterfaces builded in DEV? I can use the same variant for different KRC4's or only for one KRC4?

    Do i need to buy also KUKA.PLC or HMI.ZENON RT can work without it?

    512 or 1024 variants are number of variables or signals i can use in project?

    What is KUKA.Zenon7.11 plugin 64/512 RT 3.0? Do i need this also to buy along with DEV or RT?

    Also what are benefits of using RM(Recipe Group Manager Version) over standard version?

    Thank you for any info :winking_face:

  • PM me your email, tomorrow I will send you a doc

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

  • For using the fullscreen HMI you need the KUKA.HMI zenon6.51 RT.
    On the KUKA.HMI zenon7.11 RT plug-in you have only a window on the KUKA-HMI for your own HMI, the message and satus frame of the KRC is still visible. And screen with the plug-in must be started from menu manually.

    512 tags means that you have 512 communication variables for the driver - in the Zenon project. For using the communication you have to install the right driver, for example KRC variables uses the "KUKA direct driver for KRC". There are a lot of other standard-drivers includet in the Zenon package. You declare the same variable name on the ZenonHMI like you use in the KRC program. The driver connect the Zenon and KRC variable automaticly. For example to display a status of an input uses only one boolean tag. You can also group 16 I/Os in a word tag.

    I hope it is not too late.

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