updating krc1's

  • I have some Kuka's with krc1 win95 (GM) and all the problem there in :down:.
    I understand it would not be any easy plug and play, but there has to be a way to get these to work with a newer modern computer and OS, like windows 7, and mach 3, or something. Ultimately they are Lenze drives, and servo motors like many other cnc's. Does anyone have experience or wisdom regarding this. Thanks in advance ???.

  • If it's Lenze modules, it can't be a KRC1, it has to be a KRC1A.

    And sure, you could drive the servos directly from a CNC motion controller. Just as soon as you create your own kinematic modelling, reinvent the wheel on the multiple thousands of man-hours KUKA put into the construction and operating system of those controllers, build your own safety system (which would have to pas RIA and OSHA requirements, at minimum), create a new user interface, etc etc etc....

    Bottom line: you bought a very old robot on the cheap, and now you expect it to be as advanced as a robot 20 years younger. You get what you pay for.

    If you really want to try creating your own controller to drive the arm, I would suggest digging into ROS and OROCOS. But be warned, I doubt you'll find a plug&play-ready solution.

  • I completely understand the concept of you get what you pay for, and there is no "plug and play" answer. I do not expect a quick fix.
    I am not familiar with ROS and OROCOS. Would someone be willing to share the pros and cons of those with me? Thanks

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