Pointer on Main

  • Hello,

    I would like to point automatically the pointer on the main module, with a button, a digital input or something else.

    Does anybody know how can I do plz (by configuration, rapid code or something else)?

    Thanks ahead

  • Hi!

    You can do it with programmable button. Go to Control Panel -> ProgKeys ->Choose Key. Then choose Type: System, Key pressed: Move PP to Main.
    After that, after pressing desired button, your pointer will go to the main module.
    Solution works on IRC 5.

  • You can also use the a digital input to move the pp to main and start the cycle:

    -Signal "riStartMain" -Action "StartMain" -Arg1 "CYCLE"

    Where are these written? Do you have any manual for these?
    If I have to move it pp to main by selecting manual and auto switch then?


  • it goes in the system parameters folder, in the EIO.cfg file.

    Thank you. Actually I recently asked the similar question in different thread. When I switch the key to Manual to Auto, it goes to Automatic.
    For program test reason, I want to switch it off. I am attaching EIO.cfg file. Please help me find the location where it mentioned switch to Auto.


  • Refer to the linked conversation. This fixes that. But be careful, you are turning off all the following features when you change the setting.

    - The Program Pointer (PP) is set to Main module for all tasks if callchain does
    not originate from Main routine.
    - All tasks are enabled.
    - All stopped background tasks are started.
    - Simulation of all simulated I/O signals is removed.
    - Speed is set to 100%.
    - RAPID Spy is deactivated.
    - PROFIenergy device gets reset.


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