• Hi! I'm trying to configure a profibus i/o distributor without any success.

    In my controller I have B&R X20IF1061-1 and X20IF1063-1 profibus master and slave. The master is connected to the base of the robot with the multibus cable. On top of the 3rd axe I've connected a BALLUFF BNI0047 Profibus Network interface configurable 16DIN/16DOUT. I've done the configuration with using the .GSD device description file from BALLUFF. I've exported it with WinC5G making the .SPB file. I've copyed this file on the controller in UD:\SYS\CNFG but as soon as I try to configure the master modeule on IO_cnfg program on the controller I receive an error wich is "master network configuration error". I'm not able to figure out what is wrong... could someone take a look at my project since it seems that the problem is in there.


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  • Hi! Solved troughtout the COMAU assistance. The configuration file was right. For some reasons the problem was a previously done configuration. I've simply deleted the .CIO file into UD:\SYS\CNFG and made a cold restart. After the boot up I've copyed the .SPB file of my Profibus Configuration into UD:\SYS\CNFG and and then I've proceded with Io_cnfg...

  • Hello everyone! I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to configure a profibus i/o distributor without any success. I'm using in my controller the X20IF1061 profibus master and slave. As a master, I'm using a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 CPU. As a slave, I'm using a robotic arm COMAU. I am trying to connect comau robot With s7-300. The X20IF1061 is configured but it didn't recognize the CLP. It keeps indicating a error bus. Could someone help me. Is there a manual guide to setup it all. I don't even have a manual guide with all the steps and a memory map to establish communication thru the bus.

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