Convert two robots to a single controller

  • Hey all,
    Has anyone ever had two robots with separate controllers converted into a system with one controller so that you can use coordinated motion? If so is it something fanuc would have to come out and set up or could software and hardware be ordered to do it yourself?

    How do I program it to have emotion?

  • They can on new robots, we're going through this currently. Probably going to bag it as the coordinated motion is application required (overhead gantry system). What I understand is the boat arrives with the robots, they get shipped to the Mason facility, gutted and merged with parts left over.

  • It's possible but complicated. It depends on the robots and controllers you're using. If I had a need for it, I would just buy the robots that way from FANUC. It's a wash money-wise, because most of the money you save on hardware is spent on configuring the controllers.

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