VKRC1 how to auto mode from ext.auto and other tips

  • I've solved the error messages, but now when I try to start the program it gives me this: HPU Active status required. How can I sole this? Also switching to AUT still gives me EXT shown in the status bar on the bottom. If it helps the message ACTIVE status required appears twice every time I press the advance button.

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  • A bit late, but still,
    I have been contacted by several forum members via private messages with some questions and some just to thank me for this tutorial. You are welcomed, always. And thank you for taking the time to thank me.

    As far as i could gather from the posts here and PM's, the main and only point of failure for this mod to work was not cutting the line as noted in the second picture. Please DO CUT that line, it does not work without actually cutting it and soldering the wire on the 2 points shown in the third picture.

    This mod was also tested on several other KRC1 versions and it has worked without any other modification.
    I was also asked on how to do loops of a program, as goto and loop did not work for them, but i have no clue how to do that as i never needed it.

    Thank you all

  • Hi. We at the UTN - FRGP have a KUKA VKRC1 Robot that was donated by VW Argentina. We have managed to change it to VRC1.

    In order to use it in Automatic Mode, we open the controller and exchange the Green Cable with the Yellow Cable. That worked perfectly!

    Regarding the safety signs, we have not been able to cancel them. We will read the VKRC1 manuals carefully to understand what to bridge.

    Thank you for your post, it has been very interesting !!!

  • I also have a similar problem with a KUKA VKRC1 with an X2 installed and that does not work automatically due to an operator safety error, I ask if it is possible to convert the VKRC1 to a KRC1 version with X11.

  • Resolvi as mensagens de erro, mas agora, quando tento iniciar o programa, aparece o seguinte: Status ativo da HPU necessário. Como posso resolver isso? Além disso, mudar para AUT ainda mostra EXT mostrado na barra de status na parte inferior. Se ajudar, a mensagem Status ATIVO necessário aparece duas vezes sempre que pressiono o botão avançar.

    você conseguiu resolver o requerimento de status ativo?

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