Problems using RJ3IB Digital Outputs

  • Hi everybody!

    I have a problem using CRM79 port of a RJ3iB Controller, I configured correctly the software parameters (Rack, Slot and Start Point), in fact I can use Inputs without problem, but when I try to use SDO101, SDO102,SDO103... I'm not getting the voltage that supposedly should be... (24 V).
    I used the volt meter to measure between the outputs before mentioned and pins corresponding to 24V when the outputs are disable ( led in teach pendant was red) and I got 24 V, I put the outputs in ON and I got 24 V, I mean it´s like it doesn´t matter the status of the outputs! :mad: I get always the same voltage.

    I was thinking the outputs are 24V instead 0 V, I measure between outputs and pin 0V and I got 0V whatever led is ON or OFF, I don´t know what is happening, please any suggestion? am I forgetting something in configuration? ??? Thanks.

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  • Make sure you don't have full UOP selected on CRM79.
    0V should be connected to 17, 18, 29 or 30.
    Check with a 24V lamp by putting +24V to one lead of the lamp and other lead to pin 33 (SDO101).
    The output should turn on/off using F4 & F5 from the Digital I/O output monitor screen.
    If that doesn't work, try moving the lead SDO109 @ pin 41 instead of SDO101, that output may be bad.
    Good Luck!!

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