Connect PC To Fanuc To upload program

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  • I use the ASCII upload option. Use a USB stick to 'Backup' ASCII files to your USB device. This will write .LS versions of all your TPP files to your USB flash memory. Transfer to your PC and edit. I use UltraEdit with syntax highlighting customized for TPP code. You can do this in Notepad+, too. I like to make a project that includes all the TPP.LS files I am editing, and they are all opened when I open the project. The I can do searches on all open files, which is the same as finding every instance of some text string in your whole project.

    To send them to the robot, I connect the robot's port 1 (R-30iA controller) to the network and FTP in from windows explorer. "ftp://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn/" where your robot's IP number is used instead of mine. Then I can just copy and paste changed files into that explorer window. Watch the Teach pendant during the copying process to detect any problems, which includes build errors, since the ASCII option is building your .LS files into compiled TPP files, such as:
    1. A file isn't allowed to be copied: Could be currently running or selected for editing, or running as background program. Do a function abort, select some unused program, or Stop the background program temporarily.
    2. There's a syntax error in the ASCII file. Inspect the details of the error to get the line number that has the error, and track down the problem. I'll bet its a missing semi-colon.

    Of course, you can send files to the robots with your USB flash memory, too, but you still need the ASCII option. It's a little faster if you can FTP to your robots, and this method is great for when you have identical programs on multiple robots that need to get all the changes.

    - Jay

  • Hi Jay

    I believe we have the ASCII upload, but I'm struggling to successfully convert to TP. Not even an error that can be viewed, just says "File not loadable". R30iB.

    Does it matter what drive on the control you save the file to for the ASCII conversion to work?

  • Thanks pdl, I appreciate your reply.

    This is what I'm starting to suspect. We had someone review the loaded software using Roboguide and they said it was listed (and I've re-confirmed that they can see it on the backup) but I haven't been able to get it to function.

    I'm checking again now in menu>status>verson ID>config and it's not listed as a feature on the actual control. I can scroll to the same line where they can see it in roboguide and the control's listing differs from the backup.

    Not sure why the backup differs from the actual. Any thoughts there? Is this something that could be fixed by reloading the last backup or do we just not have it?

    Attached is a simple LS program that doesn't really do anything but alert - but it's one of many files/attempts I can't get to load. Your observation seems like the most likely cause.

  • Not sure why the backup differs from the actual. Any thoughts there? Is this something that could be fixed by reloading the last backup or do we just not have it.

    Roboguide automatically adds it to every robot it creates. I think it uses internally. There is no way to de-select it.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

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