Backup R-H controller

  • Does anybody know how to backup an R-H controller using Kfloppy and the serial port?
    What settings on robot side / pc side and what commando's on the crt?
    I'm just scarred I'll flush the whole thing empty with no backup :waffen100:


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  • For what I know, a contoller-backup only is possible from RJ-2 and up.
    On my RJ-robots it is not possible anyway, I backup all data and programs, and reload the software.
    So it seems unlikely to me that it is possible on a RH-robot.

    So if you don't have the original system software, don't flush !

  • Well I don't mean a controller backup. Just the way to take a backup of the programs, variables, ... .
    But R-J is totally different then R-H. R-H has the bubble memory going on and the crt karel commando's :hmmm:

  • You will need a CRT, and a kFloppy cable and software to do this.

    Go into the Karel prompt screen (k from the main menu)
    start up kFloppy in the directory you want to save (make sure that you do not have the large RJ files option set)
    type in "copy *.* fd:"

    all files should now transfer through kFloppy

    To load files into the RH type the following
    "copy /o FD:*.* BM:"

    Jeff Kocher

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