• Hi! there is something nisterious to me about this program. I' able to go online with the robot and I can see the UD: folder and I can upload files from it. The problem is when I try to download something. I got error messagies telling me something about the name and permission or disk full and other similar things. I cannot identify whic is the problem. I'm currently logged in as PU. I found this extrimly frustrating.

    Here is my workflow. Edit the .pdl files offline then download to the C5G and then translate to a .cod file (I let do the controller to take care of the conversion preserving it from compilation errors due to the software version). Wich is your workflow?

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  • Well, I use WinC5G program from Comau. I simply login, pull in my .cod file in it, modify it and save it back to the controller. I do this of course on line.

    Off line I save the .cod as a .pdl file, open it in a text editor, make my change. Open the WinC5G program and save it as a .cod back into the controller.

    The second way I normally dont do because of the chance of errors. So i normally work with the WinC5G on line with the robot running in production and monitor using terminal map and make change as required. You can then reload the memory with the Terminal or simply take the robot off line during a break and use the Teach pendent.

    Thats how I do it.

  • If somebody can help me.I have got comau C5G controller,but I cant do anithing with it,beacouse the passwords was changed from the last user,if someone can give me some solution.

  • Maybe you can entry with user COMAU and password as the current date example today is 23-01-2017 so you must write in password 17-01-23.
    If you use this login & password you can entry with all permits.

  • I would always recommend using the standard users:
    PU = programmer
    MU = maintenance
    GA = general access (or God access)
    admin = administrator (and can generate new users)

    Using the backward date is deprecated and I would not take for granted it will be supported in the future.

    Go to home page on teach pendant to re-login.

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