SRVO-297 Improper input power (PS)G:2 A:1

  • Hi Guys,
    I have this Alarm that pops up when I turn on the robot for the first time, brand new rbt. SRVO-297 Imporper input power (ps) G:1 A:2.
    I checked the input power and its 480v like it should be.
    Any ideas??

  • From error code listing: SRVO-297Improperinputpower(PS)(G:%dA:%d)


    SRVO- 297 Improper input power (G: i A: j) (Explanation) The 6-axis servo amplifier or the power supply(αiPS) has detected the input voltage phase lack.
    (Action 1) Check the input voltage of the controller whether phase is not lack.
    (Action 2) Make sure that the 6-axis servo amplifier CRRA12 and emergency stop board CRRA12 connector are connected tightly. If the power supply(αiPS) is installed, make sure that the power supply(αiPS) CRRA12 connector is connected tightly.
    (Action 3) Measure the secondary voltage between each phase at the main breaker, if phase loss is detected, replace the main breaker. (Action 4) Measure the secondary voltage between each phase at the transformer, if phase loss is detected, replace the transformer. (Action 5) Replace the E-stop unit.
    (Action 6) Replace the 6-axis servo amplifier.
    (Action 7) Replace the power supply(αiPS).

    Did you check each leg of the 480 to verify they are within 5-10% of each other? If you have one bad leg you can get funky issues.


  • He asked in September 2015.
    I hope the robot is working now. :zwink:


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  • Hellooo,

    I am having this issue for two weeks now, I noticed you marked as resolved, can you please share what was the solution please.

    Thank you

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