RJ2 robot Model B I/O Link Device Dıgıtal Input?

  • Robo_Eng_13
    Thank you for your answer. My problem is exactly as follows.
    My robot RJ2 420 İ/W and my I/O lınk device A03B-0808-C001 and extended modul A03B-0808-C010
    I made a connection in the wiring diagram in the book. But PRIO-100 I get alarm.
    And I push Reset buton but agaın get alarm. I push Shıft+Reset and OK. But pull Shıft and agaın PRIO-100 alarm.
    I bought the first robot was installed Profibus card . I rif off Profibus card beacuse I have not Profıbus equipment.
    Also; I can do ON the DO output of releasing the shift key . But DI ınputs look the voltmetre and 24V DC I read.
    I would be very grateful if you can help . :help:

  • kluk-kluk thank you..
    When we first give power to the robot, PRIO-100 alarm again. And Menu-I/O Setting/Digital Enter/ anc I do configuration again/Func/Save/ and display Saved DIOCFGSV.IO. And push Reset Alarms OK and not display PRIO-100. Power off-on Robot. Agaın PRIO-100 alarm..
    :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

  • It is not a software problem, it is a hardware problem, so fiddeling with your configuration or rebooting won't help you if you don't clear the fault.

    Check the cables and make sure that is ok. (RTFM)
    That should clear the PRIO-100 fault. If not, replace the module.

    Then go fiddeling with your config.

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