ExtUserIDWatchDog KSS03199 error

  • Hello guys, i have an error on my KRC4:
    "SETINFO on ExtUserIDWatchDog ($Config) suspended. Origination: CPR"

    And also:

    "SETINFO on ExtUserID ($Config) suspended. Origination: CPR"

    They are Yellow but i can't leave them..do you know how to solve?

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  • Hi,

    In $config.dat variables ExtUserIDWatchDog and ExtUserID were declared. And someone has applied a SETINFO (polls this variables every 200 ms) on these two variables. Probably these two variables are now deleted from $config.dat but the polling is still active. So redeclare them in $config.dat or stop the polling.

    M_3199: "SETINFO on <KRL variable name> (Declaration place) suspended"
    Cause: A suspended SETINFO on a KRL variable could not be reactivated. This might be caused by invalidating the variable or its declaration place.
    Effect: Software modules are not notified if the variable value changes.
    Remedy: The variable must be declared again.


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