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  • hello sirs,
    Anyone have tried to adjust the memory of R1 directory?i mean to make this directory larger.
    We have a kuka milling process so we have a huge toolpath or lines on each program like (8modules with 40k lines each).
    When i tried to copy all these files in the robot iam having an error of KSS02713: no physical memory available. any suggestion for this?

    Thank you and regards,

  • hi
    to change the physical memory size of the file entry:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KUKA Roboter GmbH\Cross3|Manager\Boot\VxWin


    "PhysicalPages"=dword:00000bb8 -------> value is HEX, 00000bb8 is an example

    every 3000 matches 15 Mb of programs

    maximum possible value 61A8


  • Thanks devilrouse gonna try that later.
    is it the same for krc2 and krc4?

  • KRC 4-8.3.38, RSI-3.3.5

    Good afternoon

    Someone solved this problem?

    I really need it ... I'm tired of deleting and writing programs ... Such a problem on three robots

  • I think that the VxWorks Memory Configuration is now in some ini Files (VxWin.ini, VxWorks.ini, kuka.config?) underneath Config/System. But afaik there is now no way to increase this on KRC4 because its already at max what the underlying VxWorks OS allows. At most you could shift around different sections of ram usage. E.g. there is a ram area that stores user programs and a ram area that stores OS. So decreasing OS area would free ram for user programs. But this is tricky an easily results into an unusable system. So I would do this under no circumstances without explicit consent of KUKA.

    If stuff like this type of tweaking would always be possible without consequences you must consider (and end users can not know about) do you not think KUKA would already made this configurable for everyone for many years?

    Yes there are newer VxWorks version KUKA could upgrade to that support more ram but these have considerable higher license costs that ultimately would have to be covered by the end user. Even more so if you consider that the original VxWorks releases need considerable modifications by KUKA to make them work as dual OS with windows and to make VxWorks runnable with such fast cycle times as needed for industrial robots. Off the shelf VxWorks only supports stable cycle times approximately 1000 times slower. This takes further effort and costs on behalf of KUKA.

    These ever increasing costs are main reasons why KUKA started switch to free Linux as real time OS starting from iikuka controllers.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    Maybe there is another solution?

    The problem is that there are many different parts that the robot welds. But at the same time, I don't need them. how can I make sure that not all programs are unloaded into memory, but only those that are needed at a given time.

    Now I delete and copy new ones. it takes a lot of time...

  • Not DirLoader, is not intuitive at all.

    If you want a software to make possible loading very large src programs use Point Loader from orangeapps.de. I have tried it in a trial version and it works fine. They have variants for KRC2 and also for KRC4 too.

    Regarding memory increasing from kuka registry ,

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KUKA Roboter GmbH\Cross3|Manager\Boot\VxWin

    I was able to raise up in KRC2

    "PhysicalPages"= decimal value up to 13000 which means 30 MB

    every 3000 matches 7-8 Mb of programs, but after I increased RAM value from 512 up to 2 GB which is maximum supported by PC. That way you assure that there is enough space for Operating System to run but also for programs.

    Is Highly recommended before this procedure to make a HDD image, in case that something get wrong and OS crash.

    I did not tried yet on KRC4 but I think is possible too.

    These are not procedure recommended by Kuka, they are made on your own risk.

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