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    Hi, there are some problems with my Panasonic AW8010 robot after the relocation recently, I have tried to cleaned all of the plugs but which does not work. The machine displayed an error of absolute encoder. I have checked and I can exclude the problem from servo motor encoder and circuitry.
    I have tried to remove the feenback line of encoder, but it seems useless.
    I continued to remove the control signal, still useless.
    Can you kindly help to see if the following three IC is the root of the problem? If so, can you kindly tell me the reason and solution? It is really old and I cannot ask anybody for help in china, thanks in advance here.

  • I think you sell old robot! Because that, I can't give you any idea ! sorry.

    Dear sir, kindly inform we are buyer of panasonic robot, we bought it from Jepan 3 years ago, due to relocation recently, we face this kind of problem. we have asked for help from Tangshan Panasonic but unfortunately he cannnot solve. I will be very grateful if you can do me this favor. Thanks in advance.

  • I cannot find where to change the battery in the robot, the one i showed on the control cabinet is the only one leading to the robot. I have turned on the DIS SW 7# &8#, by this way i can achieve the origin reseting but this canot figure out the problem, when i open the servo power, RT alarm comes again. I know the VR resetting mode but it has a big difference. When i turn on the DISP SW 6# 7# 8#, i can achieve axis specifier>reference axis position>and some resetting( not clear).when i tried to turn on the servo power once more, i can still face the same failure. How can i move on? Thanks in advance.

  • it`s over 15 years ago ... :hmmm:

    2 batteries on the controller to keep the encoder memory alive when the controller is turned off.
    1 battery in the base of the robot to keep the encoders alive when the controller and robot are disconnected.

  • to reset the encoder
    1, Turn ON Disp SW#6,7 & 8 on ZUEP 52903 board
    2, Turn ON the power
    4, F1[AXIS SELECT] --> RT --> [STORE] --> [END]
    5, F4[ENCODER RESET] --> servo power ON --> F1[ORIGIN POSIT.] --> match the mark of RT axis
    --> [3] [9] [STORE] --> panel[END]
    6, F4[ENCODER RESET] --> servo power ON --> F1[ROTATION] --> match the mark of RT axis
    --> [3] [9] [STORE] --> panel[END]
    7, Turn OFF the power
    8, Turn OFF Disp SW#6,7 & 8 on ZUEP 52903 board


  • when i press F4 and turn on the power, RT begin to alarm, how does this happen, have i ignored something? thank you

  • try this

    5, F4[ENCODER RESET] --> F1[ORIGIN POSIT.] --> servo power ON, match the mark of RT axis
    --> [3] [9] [STORE] --> panel[END]
    6, F4[ENCODER RESET] --> F1[ROTATION] --> servo power ON, match the mark of RT axis
    --> [3] [9] [STORE] --> panel[END]

  • I can't solve
    I want to video can better description
    <iframe height=498 width=510 src="" frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>

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