Over Variable Limit

  • Hello,
    Can someone help me with the alarm that says "Over variable limit". The manual I have is not very clear about it. What can be causing this alarm and what can I do to solve?

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

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  • A variable that you are using has gone over it's limit by some math command.

    Range of variables:

    B (byte) 0 - 255
    I (integer) -32768 to 32767
    D (double precision) -2 billion 147 million to plus 2 billion 147 million (give or take a couple hundred thousand)
    R - real - really large to small, can use for decimals

    Check to see which variable in your job is causing the alarm to occur and either change the math, or change the type of variable.

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