• hi roboters;
    does anyone knows how to use multilayer in a program or add a multilayer options to nlineform?
    ı think we call multilayer as a subprog how can ı call a subprog in a main program.

    waiting for ur helps? thx in advance

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  • Get the UserTech option (paid) and check the manual that comes with it.

    In order to get it working you will need to modify the KFD file (to prepare the inlineforms) and the xml files that allow you to call those inlineforms.

    Then calling a function, procedure... is a breeze.

    Hope this helps...

  • called multilayer module as a subprog and call the root, positiv,negative offsets via the case numbers in the main program and teach the arcon arcswitch ,arcoff points in the multilayer module (root case).

    giving the offsets in the TP/MULTILAYER/MLDATABASE ... but couldnt solve the how offsets works. When we give the +y =5 offset it goes somewhere else....


    thx for ur helps till now

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