Using Flags to Auto Start Program

  • I am looking at using an area scanner with an R-30iB controller and no cell fence. When warning zone 1 input turns off I want the robot to change speed to 250mm/sec (which I figured out how to do) and then if warning zone 2 input turns off then I want the robot to hold. When warning zone 2 input turns back on I want the robot to automatically start the program again which I can't figure how to do.

    I have a system condition handler running that is monitoring the area scanner inputs. When warning zone 2 turns on the condition handler calls an AUTO_START program that uses a flag to turn on UI[6:Start] but the program will not start. I have done the basic troubleshooting to prove that the AUTO_START program is being called which it is. I have the UOP inputs mapped to flags at Rack 34, Slot 1, Start 1 which is from the FANUC HandlingTool ops manual. I think I am missing something easy but can't figure it out.

    Has anyone used flags to start a robot program?

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  • When I force F[6:Start] "ON" nothing happens. The hold input is on. I turn if off and then back on in the "HOLD" program when warning 2 input turns off. All the other flags that need to be on when using UOP inputs are, i.e. enable, imstp, etc. I configured START for CONTINUE only as true. When the robot is held the main robot program pauses and I would think turning on F[6] should work.

  • Well...This is how I configered it. (RJ and RJ-2)

    Switch local/remote on userpanel - on remote (this is what I did wrong, kept me searching quite a while....)

    UI-1 - on
    UI-2 - on
    UI-3 - on
    UI-4 - off
    UI-5 - off
    UI-6 - is your starter
    UI-7 - off
    UI-8 - on

    Then UO-1 has to go on, and then you can start with UI-6.

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