Fanuc Stuck at Startup, please wait.

  • Good morning,

    We have a problem on a Rj3 controller. We went to power it on and it got stuck at system starting please wait.

    Things I've tried:
    * PSU swap
    * Main control board swap
    * Controlled start
    * Init Start
    *Swapped TP
    * PSU and Main Control board back plane swap
    * Unplugged robot
    * Unplugged the IO rack
    * Reload all software from original Fanuc Image

    No luck yet.

    When I do the all software reload it gets stuck and reads " INTP related sysv (Initial)"

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  • sounds like your ram is the issue. what are your LED codes on the motherboard when it locks up?

    But the Ram is on that main control board right? I swapped that.

    The LED says 7 like they normally do when booting up. The 4 status led's read, top right on and bottom two are on. Only the top right led is off. I couldn't find any info on what they mean.

    Thanks for the help.

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