RJ2 I/O module choose..

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    This forum site has taught me a lot. Before here I am writing my problem , then nobody replied , I 'm nervous , I find myself in their position solution , and again I am writing solutions . this is a very funny site, but useful. It is sufficient to purchase by module part numbers below for RJ2 . Thanks to me. Thanks byrol .

    FANUC RJ2 AIF01A I/O Interface Module Type: A03B-0807-C011
    FANUC RJ2 ADA02A Analog Output PLC Module Type: A03B-0807-C052
    FANUC RJ2 AOD16D Output Module Type: A03B-0807-C154
    Fanuc ABUO5A Base Board Model: A03B-0807-C002

  • We can not make your shopping lists, you will have to decide what you need for the job, and then buy the stuf.

    I have been reading a lot of your posts, and it seems you don't know a lot about robots.
    It is VERY recommendable to follow a course on robotics, you will learn a lot more in short time then you will ever learn on a forum.

  • Thank you for your response . I did not write anything bad for this forum. I met with robots at the same time about this forum and wanted to say that I learned a lot. Briefly robots learned from this forum. It is now running smoothly ' Fanuc 420 IF / W models have a 10 robots. I fixed all of this robot and I made through this forum runs smoothly . Thanks to everyone . :respect:

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