TA 1900 WG Batteries

  • Hi All

    I have a customer who has a Panasonic TA 1900 WG installed.
    I have been asked if i could replace the batteries in it.
    Unfortunately I do not have any manual/documentation, so i have no info on what kind of batteries are used, and where they are placed.

    Anyone in here who can help ?
    Usually we are working with Motoman, so the Panasonics are quite new for us.

    Regards Lars

  • Dear You!
    You can replace batteries but you need back up program and creat new progam test.I do not know : You want replace batteries for RT.UA,FA,RW,BW or TW.

  • Hi Robotfellas,

    Thank you for the usefull replies :love24:

    but....the robot has not yet lost the encoder values....

    so my question is...: is it necessary to to perform encoder reset when you change batteries...or can you just replace the batteries with POWER ON.....without any further actions....?


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