krc1a error? and mouse issue

  • Most of the time you see an error like this is when something is wrong with the MFC or files in your system are corrupted. Eventually try to run something like scandisk. If that comes back with errors, I would say your files are corrupted. Otherwise I would check/replace the MFC card.

  • OK. The message shows "no shared memory driver yet installed". I don't know how you reinstalled the software but check under Network settings if you have an active connection to
    If you just did a KRC Reinstallation or a regular Windows installation without KIS it maybe doesn't work.

  • I did not see that connection in network settings. I did not see any type of KIS.exe. How do I run/install that KIS? Thanks

  • KIS is a KUKA installation disk. If you don't have a directory KIS somewhere you're lost. Try to reinstall to another Hard drive using the KUKA CD including Windows. Hopefully that installs the shared memory driver. Or if possible image another running system to your system and install the required KUKA KSS.

    Without the Shared memory driver your system won't work! :icon_frown:

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