Is it possible to disable tool overload messages and reaction?

  • Hello all,

    Doing machines which need to make force against a tool is very difficult to determine the correct mass, and COG of a TCP.

    In a KRC4 (thank you RS) I'm receiving messages like: CHECK OF ROBOT LOAD (TOOL 1) CALCULATED OVERLOAD.

    Is it possible to simply deactivate them?
    Can I set the weight to the robot maximum capability to forget about them?

    I know they are here to help and to avoid issues, but in my case they are noise that must be avoided.

    Thank you all! | Robots, CNC and PLC programming.

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  • You have option:

    Start Up>Calibrate>Tools>Numeric Input

    There you will find Load Determination check box. If you will uncheck this option it will stop checking the load on the tool. You also have option there to select for overload and underload meaning if you want to generate Warning or Error (Stop the Robot).

    I hope this will be helpful.

    Thanks :top:

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