Problem in Configuring Profibus Master Card on DX100

  • Hi Guys,

    I am having problem configuring a profibus master on DX100 and need some help.

    I am using Nettool demo for Profibus as I have only two slave devices. I took a 9 pole serial plug and soldered red and green on 3 and 8 respectively. Shielding is also connected to the serial plug housing. This profibus cable is connected to a slave which has termination on its output.

    For configuration, I connected the usb adapter using a null modem adapter and tried to scan the network, I got an error "Can't create transport path" and when I connected without null modem adapter, i got a network scan window with no devices on it. All was tried in Maintenence Mode. I have a DeviceNet Master card in the first slot, to which i can connect and configure without any problem. I used the default gsd file which came with the nettool.

    Can someone tell me what could be wrong?


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  • Problem solved and bus is running finally. I needed the termination at the master end, so i used a proper profibus connector (which comes with a small pcb and switch). Though I must say, the Nettool demo software is a joke, it seems to work only for download, no monitor/modify or scan network seems to work.

    potis: Thank you for your clue, you are the man! :icon_smile:

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