Nachi AX Basic Operation

  • Hello I have some manuals for Nachi AX.
    Whoever need it, let me know.
    Also If you have a problem or question about this particular robot i will try my best to help you.

  • Do you still have access to Nachi AX operation manuals ? I am trying to get this information. So far no one I have asked has them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey guys, user Easyrobot has not logged in since May 2010.
    If you post your email address on this forum remember that there are spam bots that troll these forums for email addresses and you may end up being buried in spam.
    I suggest that you edit your posts and remove your email addresses.
    If you have manuals that you want to share then upload them to the tools board that is here…s_for_nachi_robots-b40.0/

  • Hello ,
    I have a NACHI SC400l
    I got it used of course. Powered it up and I am getting E0052 and E0055 on all axis.
    It also gives E0122 on three of the axis. For a second or two, the motors show on on the pendant after AX controller is started and then goes into emergency due to errors.
    I would like to reset the encoder, except i don"t get the option not even under Specialist user level.

    Any imput?



  • Good evening sir in a country Indonesia .... sorry sir i want to ask I want to install the PLC in Daihen otc welding robot , the problem do I need to register the signal I / O of the PLC to the robot, before the signal I / O of its input in a program .... sir ?

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