UR for Injection Molding Machine

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  • Not sure if you're still facing questions here, but interfacing a UR with an IMM is fairly straightforward. For Europe UR offers a euromap67 add-on (HW unit and SW plugin) that allows for easy integration. The HW component mounts directly onto the UR box and conforms to the euromap67 standard. For North America you either have to know euromap, or just know that the euromap67 standard is identical to the SPI 50-pin standard. If you happen to be using euromap12 or SPI 32-pin connectors (which are also identical), you can get a unit that will convert between the two. Long story short, integration is pretty easy if you use the add-on.

  • Hey gtrobot,

    Is it possible to just hard-wire the signals from IMM connector to the IOs in the UR controller (like you would do with a button on the UR?... meaning, without this additional IMMI interface can you connect IMM and robot?


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