RobCad on windows 7 ultimate

  • Hi everyone,

    I have RobCad 7.5 that this one worked on the windows XP,

    Now I changed my Windows to Windows 7 ultimate,

    But my Robcad can not work,

    some one can help me? :help: ???

    Thanks a lot.

  • First of all that is very naughty of you to work with a crack.

    The problem is exceed.
    If you used the exceed of 7.5 that will not work on windows 7.
    You need a higher version of exceed that can operate with w7. That's why there were no problems with Robcad 9

    We had a customer who wanted ab older version of robcad so we installed the exceed of V9 and then installed 7.5 without exceed.

    Errors are a question of mind over matter,<br />If you don't mind it doesn't matter.

  • 1. win7 32位可用安装robcad7.5 win7 64位没办法安装

    2.Rrobcad9.0/9.0.1/9.1/11 其中 9.0/9.0.1/9.1是可用安装win7 64位 win10 部分版本可用安装。robcad11可用安装win10任何版本。



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