IO Link EIP Gateways

  • I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for trying to gateway between IO Link and Ethernet/IP? We currently use IO Link for Fanuc CNC communication with the robot but EIP for everything else. No big deal unless I have to use a separate plc for control vs. the pmc. My problem is that the machine tool oem will only use 0i controllers which don't have an EIP option. This creates the need to cross IO Link and EIP data in a bg logic program which confuses the hell out of the end user. I've tried to find a gateway solution but have had no luck. Any ideas?

  • i have not worked with the IO Link so i could be off base, but i bet you could get what you want with an Anybus module from HMS. They have a couple of different setups, but with a little programming you can convert most common communication protocols to another. i used my to go from EIP CIP to RS232.

  • the version i have can be set to the following fieldbus types:

    Modbus Plus
    Modbus RTU
    Modbus TCP
    Profinet IO

    i assumed the IO link that you were using was the CC-Link option.

  • IO Link is a serial bus used when connecting Model A IO in the robot. It's common throughout FA products which makes integrating a robot to an NC pretty clean. In a CNC it's used to connect servo amps, IO, resolvers etc. I admit my research to this point has been catalog based so sounds like I should contact HMS to see if this is an option.

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