Calibration of Adept Viper s650

  • Hi!
    Our club of production technology received Viper s650 robot recently. Our members are engineer students like myself. We were planning to implement some kind of project with that s650, but it seems that we need to calibrate the robot since the pendant gives us encoder fault for every joint. I would really appreciate if somebody gives us instructions how we should do the calibration.

    Thank you in advance!


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  • hi i have got 2 second had viper s650 robots the batteries were flat in them so i have replaced them and started to re-calibrate the joints it calibrates ok (cal.c =0) but the rsc data is not saveing in the robot it is coming up with (as seen below) what could be the cause of this thanks

    format of the RSC is different from the one you are trying to program. The commit operation is aborted.

  • you can fix it using the adept software, is free an you can download from adept´s web pages

    ok, i got the web sites. Now the name is, my next question, what the name of the software?

    Thank you

  • Okay, I'll join in too! I also have a dead battery in a model s600 and encoder errors on the 3 joints. Omron tells me it will be $425 (USD) for a new battery and $4000 (!!) to recalibrate. Is this possible as a "DIY" project ? I have the ACE software, but do not see anything in there to recalibrate - am I missing something, or is other software (or utility, or...) necessary for calibration?

    ANY insight appreciated.


  • You need to run some commands to calibrate the robot after you connect and go online with it.

    Usually there are two calibrations needed for cobra robot: rough cal and fine cal. You can do rough cal by typing the command. But you do need a set of special jig to do the fine cal.

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