gripper configuration

  • hello!!
    can any one help me with the description of all steps for the configuration of a simple open/close gripper from the beginning!!
    robot type is KRC4
    gripper type is schunk
    KSS version 8.2


  • install some I/O and make sure they work
    wire gripper and make sure it works (you can control it by toggling I/O)

    of course if you have GripperTech, it will need to be installed too.
    then you can configure it using same I/O that you tested earlier manually.
    simple gripper is Type 1.
    there are 4 boxes for inputs (reed switches or whatever sensors checking gripper position) and outputs (solenoid valves).
    typically you would assign the first two of each. read the grippertech manual for more details...

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  • so the configuration of I/O will be done with workvisual no???
    another think panic mode : is there any relation between X11 and X13 because i've connected my X11 using the schematic for KRC4 standard and the robot still not working!!! and the error message is operator protection not acquitted message number 15017??? thank you for your help!!

  • no i didn't configure it!!!but i think that my problem is related to the safe operation!! can i disable it???how can i configure operator safety to require a separate reset signal??

  • Go into the menu -> Configuration -> Safety configuration -> hardware options - there you can set Operator safety acknowledgement - if you have en external safety device (relay or PLC) set it to external device.
    Of cause this requires an external safety device - else your safety might not be okay - but that is up to you to make sure of.
    You would properly need to be safety maintenance user at least

  • I dońt have any external safety device because its an education cell!! And i cheked the operator safety acknowledgment as you said and the by button option is used and i cańt change it i don't know why ( im logged in as administrator€

  • Jemi its ok i logged in as safety maintenance and it worked and i changed the parameter the interface used from sib and sib extended to sib and the message protection opérateur non acquitté 12017 still there while the x11 is connected correctly!!

  • Its ok i solved this problem but in T2 mode there is another message which is cartesian velocity is still limited in T2 why?? How to solv this problem??

  • solved it? just be careful - since this is safety related, you really need to know what you are doing as you will be liable in case of an accident. get familiar with requirements in your country/company etc. or require help of experts. (not anonymous people on a forum :angel:)

    it is something along these lines:
    when making safety circuit for the robot you have to design it in such a way that auto modes are not possible with gate open, any configuration allowing T2 must also be in compliance with local regulations and - there must be a way to acknowledge operator safety. this means that when you press the acknowledge button, you assume responsibility for checking that nobody is left behind (inside robot area) since now robot can move at full speed in auto (or auto external).
    details depend on your particular cell setup.

    if the robot is a stand-alone unit (not tied to external safety controller or safety plc) then acknowledgment button must be wired to X11 (see download section for X11 jumper plug wiring). in this case you must configure operator safety acknowledgement is "by button" in the Safety Configuration.

    if the robot controller is just a part of larger safety circuit and acknowledgement is done externally (button wired to safety PLC for example), then the setting on the robot end for operator safety ack. is "external unit" instead of "by button".

    if the robot is part of a larger cell and it is not possible to easily see entire cell area (there are blind spots such that someone could be inside cell working in crouched position etc and not seen by operator), additional means are required (procedural plus lockout system such as trapped key etc.)

    about T2 message - why exactly is this a problem?

    when you switch to T2 mode, jogging is disabled (on KRC4) and program override is set to 10%. if you change override message disappears.

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  • So it't a normal message no??? And about the safety i just switched by button of the parameter operator safety acknowledgment to external unit because im using X11 that's it!! Don't worry skyfire i know what im doing!!

  • yes that is normal, in fact I don't think it prevents you from doing anything, it is just warning that robot could move fast (full speed). this is why initially speed is reduced when T2 is selected.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hi, I just found this thread.

    We are going to integrate a Schunk gripper using etherCAT-profibus-gateway.
    We have received ideas from Kuka representatives, adn we are asking for further support.
    I have also sent some posts to the forum:…-via-io-configuration/15/

    The case described by bigboss seems interesting. Could you tell, which type of KUKA robot and which flange bigboss is in this case?

    BR, Paavo from Univ. Eastern Finland

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