Batteries Expired - Help

  • Hi everyone,

    I am sure this is not a new topic, and that there is information on this forum already posted, but I quite honestly don't have time to look.

    My question is this: If the batteries die by accident can the Fanuc robot be re-programmed? Does anyone have any idea about the cost?

    Thank you in advance for any info., and sorry for the brevity of this request.


  • Hello,

    Please verify the other posts. This subject was discussed many times. You have to do a quickmaster if the batteries are empty. I don't know about the cost, but it's not that difficult to do.

  • there are 2 types of batteries D cell and a 3volt lithium battery. if the d cells go dead the robot will need to be mastered and the positions in all of your
    programs to be checked and corrected if necessary. If the lithium battery goes you will lose all of your programming and Fanuc will not be able to help you if you don't have a backup.
    The best way to manage this is to back up your robot often and to replace the batteries annually.

  • 1. Put fresh batteries in with the power on.
    2. MENU -> 0 NEXT -> 6 SYSTEM -> 2 VARIABLES
    3. Find $DMR_GRP in the list. Highlight and press ENTER
    4. Highlight the motion group number that you lost batteries on. Press ENTER
    5. Look for $MASTER_COUN. Highlight it and press ENTER
    6. Write down the values. Press PREV to back out.
    7. Look for $REF_COUNT. Highlight and press ENTER
    8. Type in the values that you wrote down from the master count if they're not already in there.
    9. Press PREV to back out.
    10. Highlight $REF_DONE and press F4 to set to TRUE if not already true.
    11. Press F1 to bring up the TYPE menu. Highlight Master/Cal and press ENTER
    11b. If Master/Cal is not visible, pres PREV to close type menu, and then PREV twice again to back out to the top-level of system variables. Find and highlight $MASTER_ENB. Type 1 and press ENTER. Repeat step 11.
    12. Jog the robot to the zero-degree witness marks.
    13. Move the cursor to '3' for Quick Master. Press ENTER
    14. When prompted, press F4 for 'YES'
    15. If successful, move the cursor to '6' for Calibrate. Press ENTER
    16. When prompted, press F4 for 'YES'

    If you were within one motor rotation if zero on all axes, you'll get your master position back, and it should be pretty close. After calibration, you should see six numbers like this:

    <0.015> <-0.034> <-0.050>
    <0.009> <0.015> <-0.002>

    Those are your actual joint angles after restoring mastering data.

    In case you can't tell, I've had to walk a customer or two through this over the phone. It's our #1 service call, regardless of how much we stress the importance of regularly checking the batteries.

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