more Reference Positions

  • Is there a way to add more spots for Reference Positions? The default is 10(r-30iB controller)...but I could really use 12. If not, I'll probably end up using Postition Registers.

  • It is possible.
    You can do it like this:
    Menu -> 0 -> System -> Variables -> $REFPOSMAXNO. On position 1 replace 10 with 12.
    After that you need to do a cold start.
    I don't know what's the maximum number.

  • The variable you need to access in not in the variables menu, AT LEAST NOT ON VERSION 7.70 R-30iA

    Here is a program that will change it to 20,


  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the replies and the late response. I just got back to dealing with these.

    I was able to increase the number of reference positions available by changing the number inside the variable $ won't allow me to have more than 10 Ref. Positions ENABLED.

    I guess the new question is...Can I "programmatically" ENABLE/DISABLE Ref. Positions?? If I can't have more than 10 enabled I would like to switch between the ones I need when the robot is in a certain area.

    I'll keep looking into it.


  • Strange, because I've checked in Roboguide for 7.70 software and the variable is there.

    The variable is there, and you can even edit it in roboguide using the Variable Editor. However you can't change $REFPOSMASK[...].$MAXREFPOSEN from the teach pendant on the system variables screen.

    I actually had to do this today, so I can confirm that using the TP command works though.

  • Code to programmatically enable/disable reference positions:

    29:  $REFPOS1[26].$ENABLED=0 ;
      30:  $REFPOS1[27].$ENABLED=0 ;
      31:  $REFPOS1[28].$ENABLED=0 ;
      32:  $REFPOS1[29].$ENABLED=0 ;

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