[PAVRIC] is a karel variable, how does it make a difference?

  • I read the [PAVRIC].tlcSETUP.iMinFillCCs from Process Commisioning Data by FAC,

    But I have no idea what does it mean, and no explanation was found it EDOC.

    Process Commisioning Data also says " For P-500 and P-700 -The PaintTool KAREL parameter, [PAVRIC]tlcSETUP.iMinFillCCs should be set equal to CC Preset Volume[15]", which is difficult to understand as well.

    can anyboy here know these

    many thanks

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  • Variable which controls integrated canister on waterborne systems
    CC preset volume is color change preset 15's movement of the canister in volume (cc) when used in color change cycle
    If you don't have a waterborne system you can ignore the above

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