DX100 Direct Position Entry

  • Motoman newbie here.

    Is there a way to directly edit the position of each axis like you can on a Fanuc? I have found that if I press the direct open button, it will allow me to view the command position for joint, but have found no way to view the tool position or how to manually edit it.

    fyi - the reason I want to do this is to copy my roll, pitch and yaw from one robot into multiple robots for similar welds angles. (I know that I could manually jog each one, but it seems like a pain.)

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  • No, you dont have that POSITION choice as in FANUC.

    To do what you are asking, you need to have those particular points as P points , then you can easily change the values with one huge difference from Fanuc,
    The difference is , you can not be running the program, You have to stop the prog, select the variable P, change it and run the program again

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  • Don"t know what the Fanuc has but depending on generation of controller there is the Position Adjustment by Number Key Input. You can have plain old servo command positions and adjust them without moving the robot or using the Modify key. To see if you have this option turned on, from the job, go to UTILITY, in the drop down there is POS ADJUSTMENT.

    If you don't see this then the option is not turned on.

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  • FYI: I figured out how to do this without purchasing software. Open TP file in notebook, all of the position data is located at the top of the program. Edit and load back into robot.

  • Yes, it should be under the Direct open button. Then, You can dierctly change the XYZ coordiantes (even in standard job). It is affected by two FD paramteres. Normally is switched on as a standard (Europe)

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